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  1. Q0. Can my order be shipped outside of the continental USA?
  2. A0. We are currently working on making international shipping available from our site,but it is not yet implemented. For the time being, if you need to ship outside of the continental US, please email so we can work out what the shipping will cost, and place the order for you. You may also call us at 973-299-7009, option 2.


  3. Q1. Does your company use lead wicks?
  4. A1. With the known issues relating to products containing lead in them, Jodhpuri Inc. is proud to say that all of our wicks are LEAD FREE. Here at Jodhpuri Inc., we are concerned for the well being of our customers as well and we assure you that we are taking all of the necessary steps to protect you and your loved ones.


  5. Q2. How do I use your wax melts?
  6. A2. Place one of our wax melts in an oil burner or UL listed electric pot.  Burn with non-scented tea lights.  Do not add water.  As the wax melts, the fragrance will be released for you to enjoy.


  7. Q3. How do I keep my candles looking like new?
  8. A3. Wax will become soft around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This may cause the candle to bend & affect the quality of your candles. The color of the candles may fade or discolor if they are left in bright light for extended amounts of time. Store them in a cool, dry place.


  9. Q4. I have ½ inch of my candle left, why does it tell me to discard it?
  10. A4. When the flame reaches near the bottom of the candle, the wax becomes soft & may start to lose it’s shape & gets really hot. For your safety, please use heat resistant surfaces such as our candle trays to protect your furnishings & to help keep you from getting burned.


  11. Q5. How can I remove wax from fabric?
  12. A5. Please consult the laundering instructions that came with the product. Professional cleaners can provide services as well as any questions you may have. If you are attempting to remove the wax by yourself, then first allow the wax to completely harden. Next, carefully chip away larger pieces of wax from the fabric. After you have removed the majority of the wax, run HOT water through the fabric to help melt the remaining wax and flush it out. Citrus or oil based cleaners are the most effective in removing stains.


  13. Q6. Why do candle wicks get a mushroom shape to them?
  14. A6. This tends to happen when the candle is consuming wax more quickly than the flame can burn the wick. Carbon deposits may develop as well. To help prevent this from happening, keep the wick trimmed to the appropriate measurement listed on the package. Make sure the wick is fully extinguished before trimming and do not allow any wick trimmings, carbon deposits or any other material fall into the wax pool.


  15. Q7. Are your fragrances flammable?
  16. A7. All of our fragrances are non-flammable. This allows them to be transported safely & stored with regular freight.


  17. Q8. How long do your fragrances last?
  18. A8. All of our fragrances feature consistent performance. From start to finish, our fragrances maintain their strength and character.


  19. Q9. How often do I need to flip the reeds for the reed diffusers?
  20. A9. Our reed diffusers are self consuming; once a reed is placed in our fragrance oil, it does not need to be flipped over to deliver more fragrance.


  21. Q10. How much of the fragrance is diffused?
  22. A10. Our reed diffusers feature complete diffusion. Nearly 100% of our fragrance is diffused.


  23. Q11. Why can’t I find a certain fragrance?
  24. A11. Jodhpuri Inc., does at times, discontinue fragrances. We’re constantly bringing you new products & other great smelling aromas.


  25. Q12. Can I return my purchase?
  26. A12. Our Return Policy can be found here.


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