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AccentsAroma Sphears
Small / Medium SeashellsGift Set (3 oz.)
 Jar (6 oz.)
Reed DiffusersCandles
Boston Round (5 oz.)Coastal 3" x 6"
Decorative (7 oz.)Gradient (2.8" x 4")
Mini (3 oz.)Rough Finish (2.75" x 6")
Silk Screened (3 oz.)Scented Tea Lights (18 pk.)
Bubble Vase (1.75 oz.)Coastal 3" x 4"
Essential (6 oz.)Gradient (2.8" x 6")
Rectangular (5 oz.)Rough Finish (3" Round)
Slim (5 oz.)Scented Votives (6 pk.)
Ceramic Vase (3 oz.)Glass Votives (16 pk.)
Essential (7 oz.)Rough Finish (2" x 3")
Rectangular (6.5 oz.)Rough Finish (4" x 4")
Tear Drop (7 oz.)Wax Melts (5 pk.)
Contemporary (7 oz.)Gradient (2" x 3")
Exotic (7 oz.)Rough Finish (2.75" x 4")
Room Spray Gift SetRough Finish (4" x 6")
Ultra Mini (1.75 oz.) 
Faux Water Floral Illusions TMDried Florals
Bamboo w/ Tulip VaseBlossom Bouquet
Clematis w/ Large Crackle VaseBuri Leaf
Gardenia w/ Scallop VaseBuri Leaf (Curled)
Magnolia and Bamboo w/ Soap DishBuri Ting (Curled)
Orchid w Bubble VaseBuri Tips
Orchid w/ Crackle VaseBuri w/ Willow
Rose w/ Large Crackle VaseCoco Sheath
Rose w/ Small Crackle VaseJumbo Bundle
Rose w/ Teardrop VasePrairie Grass
Spider Mum w/ Bubble Vase 
Water Lily w/ Crackle Vase 
Candle TraysFloral Stems
Soapstone Candle TrayClassic
IncenseIncense Holders
Classic IncenseSoapstone Incense Holder
Cone IncenseWooden Incense Holder
Mini Incense 
Odor EliminatingOil Burners
Odor Eliminating (3 oz.)Pewter
 Soapstone Oil Burner
Tabletop GreeneryTabletop Florals
Dieffenbachia6" Gerbera
Dracaena7" x 7" Gerbera
Fern13" Gerbera
Golden Dieffenbachia13" Gerbera w/ Wire Rack
HostaDouble Orchid
Seaside GrassOrchid
YuccaSpider Gerbera
2 lbs. BulkDiffuser Oil (8 oz.)
30 oz. BagDiffuser Reeds
Filled Wire Forms 
7" x 7" x 3" Box 
Bowl Decor (10 oz. box) 
Pinecones (22 oz.) 
12 oz. Bag 
Bowl Decor (16 oz. net) 
Potpourri Oil (16 oz.) 
20 oz. Bag 
Decorative Gift Set 
Safari (12 oz. box) 
BottlesReed Diffuser Caddies
Boston RoundReed Diffuser Caddy
Reed Diffuser (3 oz.) 
Refresher Oil (0.25 oz.) 
Simmering Oil (16 oz.) 
Scented FloralsSilk Trees
Rose BoatAreca Palm Tree (6')
Rose BouquetBamboo Tree (6')
Rose Bouquet w/ WrapperPhoenix Palm Tree (6')
Roses w/ Small Square Vase 
Soap DishesWire Forms
Soapstone Soap DishWire Tree Potpourri Stand
VasesReed Diffuser Vases
BallerinaBubble Egg
Crackle (Large)Patrone
TulipReactive Glaze
Etched Leaf (Small)Silk Screen
Etched Leaf (Large)Swirl
Crackle (Small) 
Crackle (Medium) 
Asian SpaCreamy Vanilla
LeatherwoodVanilla Amber
SandalwoodVanilla Bean
Green TeaVanilla Cashmere
Sandlwood and CedarVanilla Almond
Cotton FreshFruit Medley
Ocean MistPear
Tropical BaySugared Citrus
Beach BlossomBerries and Fruit
Fresh LinenMcIntosh Apple
Rain ForestPineapple
UnscentedSweet Lime and Mint
Clean BreezeCitrus
Island BreezeOrange and Cassis
Sandy BeachPomegranate
Cotton FlowerThorn Apple
OceanCitrus Splash
Summer SeagrassOrange Pomegranate
LavenderApple Cider
Lilac BloomCinnamon Spice
Rose BouquetPeppermint
DaisySpiced Cider
Lavender BouquetApple Cinnamon
Spring MeadowPine Frost
GardeniaSugar Plum
Lavendar VanillaApple Spice
White GardeniaPumpkin Spice
JasmineSweet Balsam Eve
RoseOrange Clove
Cut RosesSnowflake
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